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Demolition Derby Illustrations


At GSD&M’s 2016 Demolition Derby competition, they were giving out ice cream, so they wanted to present that in the event illustrations. These illustrations were created to tie in the rough tough side of demolition derby with the concept of ice cream.


Young Lawyers Committee Logo


The Young Lawyers Committee is a committee of the State Bar of Texas. They needed a logo that conveys the youthful liveliness of this group and its Texas roots while still looking professional and clean. These concepts were conveyed by the modern take on the colors of the Texas flag, the inclusion of the Texas star and less traditional typographic choices.




While working at National Instruments, I learned how to create pixel perfect icons to match the visual style of Next Generation LabVIEW, a visual programming language. These needed to be simple enough to comprehend at extremely small scales, but still communicate complex ideas to represent blocks of code.


Title Sequence Illustrations


Illustrations for a Title Sequence animation I created for Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”. Inspired by Italian street signage.


Object Illustrations


Illustrations for an infographic about the evolution of women’s roles and rights. Base vector illustration created in Illustrator, shading created in Photoshop.


Streusand, Landon, Ozburn and Lemmon Logo


Starting Out Right Program Illustration